Cairns Australia

Meet our Greeters

Meet some of our Greeter…

Please note that you cannot book a Greeter; you can only book a Greet :-).

Jan Morgan

Bio: ---

Interest: Restaurants, Parks, Kid Friendly

Rene Nusse

Bio: I have only been in Cairns for a short period of time but I love the city, the people in it and the places to visit. Happy to share my experience of Cairns with any visitor...

Interest: Architecture, Food, cuisine and culinary, Design, History, Culture, Parks and botanical gardens, Kid friendly interests

Samantha Dellatare

Bio: I am a counsellor and teach English to new arrivals and refugees. In my spare time I like to travel and have been to many different countries. Experiencing new cultures , meeting people from all backgrounds and tasting exciting food is what I love to do!

Interest: History, Culture